Monday, November 26, 2007

Bound (post 2)

My previous post mentioned something about women and how they are said to be more connected to yin. I wasn't sure if it was a religious view or how society viewed them, but after research I found it to be one of society. Women were not allowed to hold any type of power and were considered property or objects.

Chapters 12-16

Something surprised me while reading which I really didn't expect to find in this book mainly because it's an easy read and I didn't think that something like this would be presented in a book that is set in China. Maybe it is just ignorance, but, "And what would happen would happen; fate ruled the cosmos" (76) stuck out to me. This gave me the idea of foreshadowing, however Xing Xing takes it on herself to maybe change or alter her future when she jumps off of the oxcart. Maybe this means that in the end she won't end up with her prince like previous Cinderellas before her, or maybe that was what fate intended.

There is a lot of mention of birds in these chapters bringing to mind the Grimm version of Cinderella where the bird is the "fairy godmother" that helps her to the ball and meet her prince. However, I think that the bird was Cinderella's mother watching out for her just like Xing Xing's ancestors protecting her throughout her journey.

And, something I read came across as really funny just because it's really true. "And now, as the sun grew weak and the swuare emptied, it seemed everyone remembered their ailments" (85). This is where Xing Xing finally finds the doctor who can help Wei Ping's feet, however when she tries to tell him what happened everyone needs his assitance. He makes Xing Xing wait five days before she's allowed to tell him what is wrong with Wei Ping. It's ironic becuase Stepmother told her to be quick about the journey, but she ends up being slowed down an awful lot. It does seem as though everytime people are in a hurry what they needed to do always takes them longer.

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