Thursday, October 11, 2007

Cinderella, some back info.

So, I wanted to learn a little more about the story Cinderella and where it originally came from and other information. I found this wikipedia site: and I found some interesting stuff out.

There have been arguments about where the story of Cinderella originated, however it is safe to say there is early evidence of an early Greek and Chinese story.

The Chinese version is very similar to the book Bound I read earlier, where a girl's fish is killed and the magic bones help her find a prince.

What I've learned is that there are many adaptations of Cinderella in novels, plays, films, and songs, however the moral stays the same: "Beauty is a treasure, but graciousness is priceless. Without it nothing is possible; with it, one can do anything". However, I have found that the idea that if someone works toward a better future they'll get it and vanity and jealousy will not prevail over good.


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