Monday, April 21, 2008

Jane Eyre (to be continued)

Ok, so Jane Eyre isn't your basic everyday fairy tale. It has twists and turns, however the novel does have some very fairy tale like ideas running through it.

Jane doesn't have a father or a mother throughout the story, however she has an aunt, Mrs. Reed, who treats her just as awful as any stepmother presented in a fairy tale, including the Grimm ones. Mrs. Reed enjoys locking Jane in the Red Room until she causes herself to become sick with uncontrollable emotions, and turning her back when her children, John, Eliza, and Georgiana, torture Jane mentally and physically. The evil aunt, like the stepmother, is an obstacle that Jane must overcome to become who she wants to be.

Jane has many "fairy godmothers" throughout the novel. There is always someone around to help her and make sure she is doing well. She travels place to place facing new hardships with new "cruel stepmothers" however there is always someone there she can turn to if in need.

Also, the other similar idea that runs throughout Jane Eyre and fairy tales is acceptance, and social status. Jane wants to be accepted by others and be on the same level, socially, as Mr. Rochester, her prince that she saves in the end. However, that is a blog for another day.


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