Sunday, May 18, 2008

Briar Rose (post 7)

Chapters 27-29

Potocki is telling Becca and Magda about his experiences during the war and his experiences in a camp and his escape to the woods, and eventually finding his way home. However, he picks up some equiptment and rations and continues on where he is found by a group of people who keep him hostage.

There isn't anything said about Gemma yet, or how the two, Gemma and Josef, know one another. However, there are still four chapters left and hopefully we'll learn something about Gemma's past.

In response to the story of Briar Rose and the way it's being told through a Holocaust story it's very interesting. Hitler can be seen as Maleficent, the wicked hag who causes everyone in the kingdom to fall asleep. And, the thorns are mirrored by barbed wire and the SS and Gestapo. The camps are considered the palaces, however it is all less dreamy then the story of Sleeping Beauty. Hopefully, we'll find out who the prince is that awakens Gemma.


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