Monday, February 4, 2008

Briar Rose (post 4)

And, the second post of the day...

Chapters 10-12

In chapter ten Becca becomes aware that Gemma may have had another alias, Ksiezniczka. However, this piece of information doesn't help or lead her to anything. But, when she calls and finds out from a Polish friend that Ksiezniczka means princess, she becomes more convinced that Gemma indeed is Briar Rose.

Stan, her boss, again is there to urge her on in the search for Gemma's past. He comes over and helps and looks through the documents and pictures in hopes of finding something Becca has missed. However, they don't find anything new. Stan schedules a road trip to New York, where the refugee now museum is. They spend the night at his old college friend's house and meet some senior citizens who were around during the time of the refugee camp. However, Becca didn't learn much except that her grandmother was indeed at the refugee camp and one of the men Becca met that night knew her grandmother. But, he didn't know much becuase apparently Gemma wouldn't let anyone close to her.

Let's see what unfolds!

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