Monday, February 4, 2008

Briar Rose (post 3)

So, today I stayed home and read about nine chapters of my independent reading book. So, be prepared for three posts =P!

Chapters 7-9

Within these three chapters Becca learns only a little bit more of her grandmother's life. She is urged on by her boss Stan to continue the search when she becomes discouraged when there is little to no progress in her findings. However, at the end of chapter eight Becca gets a lead that intrigues her continue her search for her grandmother's past.

She finds an article that once belonged to her grandmother that she clipped out of the Palladium Times and calls to see if she could get a lead as to why her grandmother, a maybe war refugee, would clip out an article of an 1944 Palladium-Times paper. She calls and gets in touch with a reporter named Arnie who has just recently written about an old refugee camp that has been redone into a museum. Arnie informs her he'll send a bunch of articles that are written about the museum as well as old articles from years ago.

In chapter nine, a flash back to Becca's childhood, Gemma is telling the story of Briar Rose and exclaims, "a briary hedge began to grow, with thorns as sharp as barbs are." Becca and her two older sisters question Gemma about what barbed wires are, however she just becomes very upset and stops telling the story. However, as well rounded readers we know that barbed wire surrounded the concentration camps. And, it is hinted throughout the book thus far that Gemma may be a refugee from the ww2.

So, we still don't have any ideas about Gemma's past except that she may be a refugee from Nazi Germany.


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